Meeting Reminder: April 12

Here’s your monthly reminder about our upcoming guild meeting on next Saturday, April 12th from 1-3 at Bernina. Note that the time has changed back to our usual 1-3 pm time slot. At this meeting, Judy Howard will be presenting free-motion quilting techniques. Be sure to bring any free motion quilting books (in addition to your quilts) you have collected to show during our usual sew and share time! I look forward to seeing what Judy has to tell us about FMQ. I am sure it will be enlightening for all of us.
Also those of you at our March meeting know that we had a reporter from the Greenville Newspaper at that meeting. She has written an article about it, and it was in the paper a few weeks ago. So exciting for us to be featured in the paper! Here is a picture of our article and if you go here you can read the online version. Hope to see you all next week!

Happy National Quilting Month!

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageHappy National Quilting Month! We enjoyed our monthly meeting at Bernina last week and learned a few tips on tote making.

For our show and tell, Brooke showed us her amazing quilt that she is making for one of her sons. Debbie West showed us a lovely example of the Quilt as You go technique that we learned last month. She made a long tablerunner from some really neat Alexander Henry fabrics. Debi showed us a really nice Dresden pillow and a tote bag made from upholstery remnants. Cheryl showed us a baby quilt with circular quilting, in addition to her “As You Wish” quilt (totally swoonworthy, if you are a Princess Bride fan…).

Congratulations to Cheryl for becoming a Moda Bakeshop Chef! Chef Cheryl showed us two different examples (one with an aqua background and one with a green background) of her “Candy Circle” quilt. The pattern is featured here if you want to give it a try:

Penny showed us a hand-pieced hexagon quilt that will most likely be a raffle quilt at a quilt show(that will be one VERY lucky person!). One of our visitors showed us a very colorful modern diamond quilt. The white background made the colors pop!

Once show and tell was concluded, Brooke shared some tips that she had learned at the annual Maker’s Summit, which is produced by Indie Craft Parade. It is an annual event, that usually takes place the first weekend of March and highlights various well-known makers in the industry who speak at workshops, offer business tips, and fellowship with other makers in the surrounding community.

Christa taught some tote bag making tips utilizing the Quilt as you Go technique. She started out with 2 17 inch by 17 inch batting and backing layers, quilted all of the scraps, then squared them to 15 inches by 15 inches. Once the panels were cut to size, the lining was assembled (lining was also 15 inches by 15 inches). Sew around three edges of the lining, leave the top open, then box the corners (measure 1 1/2 inches from the end of the triangle of the corners, then sew across the triangle. For a wider tote, you could increase it to 2 or 3 inches, instead of 1 1/2. Once the corners were boxed, she sewed both quilt as you go panels together (right sides together), boxed the corners, then placed the lining inside the quilted panels. Sew together, leave a 3 inch opening at the top, turn inside out, and topstitch around the top, and done! This is a great way to use up orphaned quilt blocks and extra scraps and then you can have a nice tote to take with you to the fabric store to get more fabric, of course!

The Foothills Piecemakers Quilt Guild is putting on their quilt show the weekend of March 28th. You can find the details here:

Stay tuned for details on our April meeting!

Meeting Reminder: March 8, 2014

Here’s your friendly reminder about our March meeting this coming Saturday. We will be meeting from 2-4 again at the Bernina store. Christa is going to be teaching us all about tote making. In addition to your usual sew-and-tell, we would love you to bring any examples of totes that you have made. I am very excited to hear what Christa has to say and I hope to see all of you there!
Also don’t forget your pincushion for our swap! Any pincushion will do…no matter what shape or size. We would be so thrilled if everyone participated in this swap.

February Meeting Highlights- Quilt as You Go Method

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageThank you for the great turnout this past Saturday. We met some new faces and were very excited to see everyone’s projects and learn the quilt as you go method. Hopefully, everyone has been staying warm and safe this week. It was perfect quilting weather!

First, during our show and tell, Cheryl showed us two quilts, which were made with her patterns, one made with Scrumptious fabrics and the other made with Maritime. Both quilts were lovely, and several of us are jealous of the recipients!  Brenda showed us a mini that she will be displaying at the Foothills Quilt Show, which will be March 28-29 at the Pelham Road Baptist Church. Several of our visitors even brought some quilts to share. One visitor shared two, one of which was an “eat, sleep, play, repeat” baby quilt, and the other was a mini made with a Sew Wonderful ruler. Our other visitor showed us a modern rose quilt, which is unique in style and we may learn this technique a little later in the year.

When show and tell was finished, Brooke demonstrated the Quilt as You Go method. She layered her backing fabric, batting, and spray basted those, and then sewed strip of varying lengths and widths right sides together and then trimmed and sewed them down. It looked like a modern log cabin and with no pinning or ironing, it was a very free, liberating technique! Some people were able to practice after the method was shown. A walking foot is definitely suggested when working on your own quilt as you go projects. There are many great blogs and tutorials out there for this method. Brooke had suggested this blog as a very good resource:

We were all in agreement that putting the blocks together seemed a little difficult and a few of us did not like the look of joining the blocks with a zigzag stitch. Brenda showed us a brilliant way to connect the blocks, using a 1 1/2 ” strip of batting sandwiched between a folded fabric strip. She also showed us a quilt that she is working on with the blocks joined using her method and it is a very seamless, finished look.

Hopefully, everyone that was there has had a chance to practice a little on the quilt as you go method. There are many other projects besides quilting that use this method. For instance, Christa will be teaching about totes in the March meeting, and one of the totes will be made with the quilt as you go method, too!

Congratulations to Debbie West for having her Dresden plate tip on the Fons and Porter show!

Our March meeting will be Saturday, March 8th, from 2-4 p.m. at Bernina Sewing Center. We will be having our pincushion swap at the March meeting, so if you bring a pincushion to swap, you will leave with a pincushion. See you in a few weeks!

Reminder: Next Meeting- February 8th from 2-4

I hope everyone is enjoying the snow and staying safe and warm!
Here’s your friendly reminder that our next quilt guild meeting will be on Saturday, February 8th from 2-4 (note the time change!) February and March’s meetings have moved from our normal 1-3 time to a 2-4 time slot based on what works for our gracious host- the Bernina store. The theme for February’s meeting is Quilt as You Go (QAYG) and Brooke will be demonstrating a QAYG block after which Brenda will demonstrate some methods for joining QAYG blocks. Hope to see you all there next Saturday and don’t forget your show and tell. We love seeing everyone’s finished projects!

Pincushion Swap at March Meeting

** Update 1/28/2014 – There was some confusion regarding if there was a February meeting.  There is a February meeting, the pincushion swap information was posted now so that members have plenty of time in order to make a pincushion for the March meeting. **

At our March meeting (Saturday March 8th) we are going to have a pincushion swap, here are the details:

Who:  everyone is invited to participate

What:  a pincushion, any design, and type.  A list of websites for some inspiration may be found below.

When: the swap will happen at the March meeting (Sat the 8th).  Your pincushion must be present in order to swap so that everyone that comes with a pincushion leaves a with pincushion (you may send you pincushion to the meeting with a friend if you would like to participate but will miss the meeting)

Why:  because it will be a lot of fun :)

Here are just a few websites to give you some ideas, but remember that you can make any type of pincushion that you would like.

Scrap Management in the New Year

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage      We had a great meeting last Saturday at Bernina. It was fun reconnecting with everyone (and meeting some new people, too!) after such a long break for the holidays. This month, our theme was scrap management and how to turn scraps into fun projects, in addition to highlighting favorite tools and quilting gadgets that we may have received for Christmas presents.

      One of the scrap projects suggested was to knit a rag rug out of one inch (or smaller) strips of fabric. This was inspired from Crazy Mom Quilts

     Another suggestion was to make a pouf or a small ottoman and stuff it with rags. There are a lot of helpful tutorials online, and here is one:

     We had a lot of amazing show and tell projects, both finished and work in progresses, this month. Brenda and Brooke modeled some of their beautiful garment making abilities with a shirt and a tunic. (Spoil alert: Brooke may be sharing some garment tricks for us newbies in the next few months, so stay tuned for that!)

      Cheryl shared her beautiful hourglass mini quilt constructed with a few Kona charm packs. The colors were so vibrant and the matchstick quilting in gray Aurifil thread was a showstopper! She also showed a quilt top that was her first foray into improv quilting. Very impressive!

      Several very nice totes were shown. Debbie wowed us with her mad applique skills. She traced some artwork and appliqued it onto her main fabric. Brenda shared a lovely red and aqua baby quilt with us.

       Cheryl showed us a neat new quilting tool, that makes Flying Geese seem like a breeze. It has grooves embedded in the rulers. The tool is called “Block Loc” and can be found at Missouri Star Quilts, and through the actual company, as well.

       Looking ahead to next month, we are planning to meet on February 8th. We will send out a reminder in a few weeks about the meeting. Brooke will be teaching us the Quilt as You Go method. Also, keep in mind that in March, we will be having a pincushion exchange. We are not making these with any specific person in mind, so simply bring a pincushion, and everyone who brings one, will go home with one. We are excited about the coming year! See you all in a few weeks!